Friday, June 27, 2014

IT'S SALE TIME @ find...found...forage

Nothing beats a good sale. Not the waste of time 10% off type sale, but one where you are truly nabbing yourself a real, deal.

Enter the find...found...forage online shop SALE!

To clear out stock and make way for some new finds arriving very soon, I am offering a whopping great 20% off everything.

Let me do the sums for you:

Ballet Flats @ $80 = now $64

Baskets @ $20 = now $16

Macrame Hangers @ $48 = now $37

Necklaces @ $15 = $12

Just enter "Year End" at the checkout to receive your 20% discount!

Shop 'til you Drop.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

From little things, big things grow

"If you can dream it, you can do it"  - Walt Disney.

I watched this clip thanks to the recommendation of Pip at Meet me at Mikes,  of small people letting their imaginations run wild designing themselves an "Imagination Castle" for Disneyland Paris and wanted to share. Do yourself a favour and:

Click here to be reminded that Dreams can come true!

Other child related & hand-made craft goodness was on show at our local school this week. The senior children held their very own Rhino Trail to raise money and awareness for the conservation of our endangered Rhinos.

Each child painted their own Rhino in a theme that meant something to them, then the school community viewed and voted on their favourite. The colours, dedication, talent and enthusiasm were a sight to behold. Look.

And the winner was:

Onto other news - The Boathouse team are full steam ahead fitting out their new venture at Shelly Beach in Sydney's North. It hasn't even opened, but it's got my vote as their best venue yet. Can't wait to enjoy my bucket of prawns looking back towards Manly.

In the meantime, they are doing takeaway coffees in a set up that can only be described as beach chic. Unparalleled.

Speaking of Manly, how cute, effective and colourful is this bunting adorning the front of Manly Wine? Bunting -  transformative triangles. Love it.

And finally, it's that time of the year again. At the End Of the Financial Year everything, everywhere seems to be on sale.

Far be it from me not to jump on board and embrace the sales season.

So watch this space. Everything in my online shop will be on sale for one week only - starting tomorrow!!

Offering a whopping 20% off EVERY item.

Never fear. I'll remind you again tmrw!

Until then.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Best in Show...

I spent a very civilised Friday night sipping red wine, enjoying live music and perusing the many offerings at the Sydney Finders Keepers Markets.

Great people watching was coupled with all sorts of lovely, creative & enterprising craftspeople showcasing their wares.

My faves included Fizzy Lime Creative , where woven geometric patterned lampshades and wall hangings in bright colours and funky patterns looked fabulous in their various shapes & sizes, colours and textures:

Another stall to catch my eye was Milkcart. Designing and restoring furniture and making all pieces themselves by hand in Sydney, Ryan and Marnie of Milkcart have tactile, sophisticated, Scandinavian inspired pieces.
The concrete stool was a fave as were the side tables, the crates and a a gorgeous, cement based lamp. Here's a pic too of Ryan. They haven't heard the last from me!

Sam and his wife Leesa are living the dream. Espousing the virtues of drinking their own home brewed beers and ciders, Leesa has put her graphic design skills to work designing the packaging and Sam's IT background is put to the test with the Hop and Grain website.

Four different styles of beer, that can be ready to drink in as little as 3 weeks, I think these starters kits would make a fab pressie for the fella in your life.

I bought some of Mavericks colourful laces. So simple, so effective and 3 x pairs for $20, they made perfect, wallet friendly, gift box sense....

Finders Keepers Markets were held at the Locomotive Workshop at Australian Technology Park. The venue, stallholders, food, wine and music oozed charm and charisma.

Loads more inspo to share, I'll wrap up my other top picks for you very soon.
In the meantime, check out the dates for the Pre-Christmas Finders Keepers Markets. They'll be in Melb, Sydney and Brisbane and come highly recommended for a unique & personalised shopping experience.
With wine!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Nice Pins...

As a sucker for novel and unique gift ideas, I don't think they come more charming than this.

A great hostess gift, a little something for a friend who loves to bake, or the perfect way to personalise your own creations, these rolling pins are made lovingly by hand in Poland by Zuzia of  Valek Rolling Pins using beech wood.

A fun idea for the kids, these pins can be used not only for cookies, but pasta, cakes, icing, and even dumplings.  AUD$45 + shipping.

Laser engraved and oiled, this imprint is actually of  a fox jumping:

Zuzia takes custom orders to personalise your goodies:

And here's one for your next Dinosaur party:

Or to help spread the Christmas Cheer....

Embossed Edibles - almost too good to eat.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The kids are growing up and we have another birthday just around the corner.

To make way for the celebratory loot, I am deliberating about which toys it's time we parted with.  Of course as soon as something is earmarked and put aside, it suddenly becomes the toy de jour and I so cease making any progress at all.

We seem to have a plethora of plastic animal figurines. While they don't take up much space per se, my children have trouble remembering what they have to play with unless it is all out on show. And by on show, I mean scattered haphazardly throughout the home.

I had pinned onto my DIY board on Pinterest, these up-cycled jars using spray painted toy animals, and when I searched further, it seems there is no end in sight for these little guys. They've been re-purposed into so many carnations that they will live to see many more days.

It's amazing what a can of paint and some glue can achieve....

and some succulents

or a hand saw

You can saw them in half, paint & then glue on a magnet:

 or use them as a gift box:

as jewellery;

as candle holders;

or festive decorations. Just add twigs, paint and a red nose:

Add some glamour to your interiors

or dress up a drawer;

Do you keep a stash of jars? I have a cupboard devoted to them. Not for much longer!

I'd best be parting with some other pieces of fantastic plastic. These babies have still got work to do.
S x

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day - A Crafter's Christmas

Mother's of small children will no doubt have received some hand-made delights of the naive & sentimental variety over the weekend. As a purveyor of all things hand made & repurposed, Mother's Day ticks a lot of boxes.

My loot comprised of:

1) a beautifully wrapped, hand painted and hand glittered votive with candle:

2) A charming tea-pot card complete with tea bag:

3) A handmade, laminated bookmark:

...which was really handy, as I also received

4) about 6 x month's worth of reading materials (having put a Facebook call-out only recently for recommendations):

And there was one other little parcel to unwrap - it was

5) This t-shirt from Seed

...which I wore while eating a scrumptious breakfast outside in the glorious sunshine (better than breakfast in bed any day!). It was handmade by my husband:

I was lucky enough to have my Mum & Dad visiting for the weekend. On Mother's Day even my Mum got in on the hand-made act and spent a good hour or so making a fluro-orange, woollen pom pom to add to my outdoor "chandelier":

We squeezed in a walk to the Marina with our four legged friend, a family game of Rummikub complete with oysters and Bellinis and since we kickstarted Mother's Day with a little aperitif (i.e. a glass or two of bubbles Saturday evening at The Opera Bar);

We decided to round out Mother's Day with more of the same excesses, and yet another tasty husband made meal:

Roast Pork Rack with Extra Crackling. And Red Wine. Hooray!

I then finished the night snuggled on the sofa with my two little people and a pre-recorded (no adverts!) episode of The Voice. I mean seriously; does it get much better than that?

I give this Mother's Day 12/10.