Friday, August 14, 2015

kid art

Just so much kid craft about the place.

This is hand-made art in the most purest, non commercial form. Below are some "trees" that were part of a project at our local school:

I spotted these simple tree collages on a quick visit to the school library:

And more library craft goodness. A whole wall covered in what can only be described as pages torn from novels (is this deemed acceptable in a library??):

And not to be outdone, a nearby Mod-Asian Eating House - Kho Plak has wallpapered their walls in the same vane, using photocopies of postcards, photos, magazine articles etc. 

This endeavour is not for the faint hearted. Can you imagine the hours it took copying, cutting, placing, pasting....?

Inspired by Joan Miro the Spanish Painter, here is my son and the artworks his class painted for a local Cultural Expo.

The local junior talent knows no bounds. Seriously impressive stuff. These are all the works of school students:

And who could resist a naive little felt picture? 
Not me.

No need to spend big bucks on art work from the pros. 

Enlist the flair of the little people. 


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Birthday Bonanza

After all these years singing the praises of giving and receiving a hand made gift, it seems my nearest and dearest jumped on board for my recent Birthday.

Hand made, irresistible treasures in the form of earrings, pyjamas, and homewares were gifted to me. So how could I not share them with you?

I love Pyjamas. I wear a long pair every night of every week of every year, with either a tank or long sleeve top depending on the season. I can't sleep in anything else.

So imagine my delight to receive a beautifully gift wrapped pair of organic and fair trade PJ Bottoms from The Goodnight Society via my Super Couz Andi?

A local company - Brisbane based - The Goodnight Society not only produce funky PJ's for men and women, they have partnered with The Heartfelt Project to provide employment opportunities for women in South Africa. Sweet little felt & heart magnets made by women through The Heartfelt Project are included in each order which in turn provides jobs and a brighter future for these women of  Makapanstad, South Africa.

Prices for long pjs start from AUD$34.95.

If you haven't seen the totally on trend, lightweight clay pots handcrafted by Design Twins then you've been living under a rock. They are everywhere. On every blog, in every mag and are popping up in my Instagram feed on a very regular basis! 

Having coveted their pots and their concrete cups, I was waiting for our renno to finish before making the big purchase. No need to wait though as I'll be receiving my very own pot soon as a b'day gift thanks to my Mum! All pots are made to order, I can't wait for it to arrive. I know exactly where it's going to go!  Starting at AUD$140 for the small, there are too many styles and colours to mention. Here are a few of my favourite:

Colourful earrings from this wee piggy are fun for all ages. Made with love in South Australia, these small studs start at AUD$10 and were given to me from our country cousins along with a delightful  fluro dipped dish.  Score!

All in all a rather successful wrap to another successful year. A special thank you to my friends and family for all the birthday loot. Love it! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Purchasing Power...

There have been a whole load of handmade treats to tempt me while styling the updated pad.

Some I've succumbed to, and others are still firmly on my wish list.

Here's a few that have made the cut:

This print by Oh Eight Oh Nine is providing some luxe in the laundry. A3 size is AUS $20.

This lovely marble look handmade cotton pouch by Behr & Co spectacularly sets off greenery of any sort. From AUS$13.95

This sweet little handpainted wooden feather garland combines my two loves: glitter and fluro! By The Great Lakes Goods. Their motto is "handmade goods with good vibes" - that's a mission statement easy to adhere to!! US$18


The kid's playroom has a pinkish theme going on, so one of my find...found...forage macrame hangers is doing it's thing in there. AUD$$45:

And in DIY news, I took some humble HB Lead Pencils (it's amazing how many of these I found lying around the house!) and covered them with some Japanese Paper to improve their look and use as party bag fillers.  Click here for a tutorial to do something similar yourselves.

Support the independents and embrace the charm.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Home and Hair

As mentioned, the past 8 months have seen me embarking on two things of note:

1) a home renovation

2) and growing my hair

Here is a before photo of both. As both projects were to be of similar duration; I was wondering which I would tire of most quickly...

We are 8 months down on the house with about a month to go, and I think 9 months might just mark the end of the hair growing efforts also....

Here's where we are at:

One more month and I should be able to get my hair in a ponytail and should be able to empty our storage unit and move in entirely to the updated abode. 

And then crack the champagne.

Although I am ready for them both to be over, neither has sent me entirely mental (yet!).

Having worked side by side for almost 5 months before he told me, one of my very talented builders Nik, has a sideline business with his wife called Top Knot Designs. They make these beautiful shelves and shadow boxes using materials such as Natural Marine Ply and Australian Western Red Cedar.  I'm currently deliberating on just which one/s to order for our 'new' home (when really I should be researching driveways...yawn!).

photos courtesy of Top Knot Designs

I can't believe he kept this info from me for so long?!!

Check these beauties out and follow TopKnot Designs on Instagram or Facebook to see the full range. Prices start from AUD$50 + postage.

As for the hair and the house, I will report back in 30 days...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Who doesn't wear ballet flats?

As Autumn is here, it's the perfect season to bust out your ballet flats.

Touted by French Women Don't Get Fat author Mireille Guiliano as the answer to keeping mobile and shedding kilos; the comfort and versatility of a pair of Ballet Flats means you can wear them all day and on all occasions. 

If you spend your day on your feet, or if you wish you could - get yourself a couple of pairs and wear them all week.

Cue some style inspo from all the big names....

Don't overlook the coloured ballet flat....

There are 11 ballet flat colour choices on my website and each pair is AUD$80 incl postage. 

If the shoe fits....


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anyone else possessed with the endless scrolling of images on Instagram?

Stalking people, businesses, destinations; it's all possible on Instagram and it offers the added bonus of voyeurism through delightfully filtered lenses.

I've found some cracking small enterprises via this fabulous photo sharing app.

Here are some of the Instagram users I follow and am vowing to shop from this Christmas:

koh woman - bohemian elegance with hints of luxury & decadence. Accessories, Clothes, Shoes and Jewellery. This Feather & Chain Harness is on SALE for $100!

Click here to Follow Koh Woman on Instagram

Indigo Babe - Funky Bandit Kids X  Marks the Spot pants. Up to Size 8. My little 6year old will find a pair of these in his stocking. AUD$60.

Click here to follow Indigo Babe on Instagram

South Of The Border - sparkly pants & shorts. Need I say more? These ones are AUD$169

Click here to follow South of The Border on Instagram

Palmaira Sandals Australia - not sure I can come at giving these away. Might be popping a pair of these under the tree for myself. AUD $110

Click here to follow Palmaira Sandals Australia on Instagram

Sakura Textiles - Something for everyone.  Tea Towels AUD$22, Pillow Cases AUD$35, Jumpsuits AUD$60 and THE cutest bloomers (for adults!) for only AUD$10!

Click here to follow Sakura Textiles on Instagram

Look beyond the traditional methods when gift buying this year.

Instagram - it's is just photos and comments. That's it.

Follow find...found...forage on Instagram for my own hit of hand-made visuals.


**images are not my own**