Thursday, February 25, 2010

does not compute.....

I'm not much of a tech-head (although I have managed to create this blog all on my very own!!) and as such, I have been known to use the Ctrl Alt Del combination of keys on my laptop with gusto on many an occasion!

I currently have the enviable job of helping to deck out my husband's office and given that I love the opportunity to decorate, I couldn't go past incorporating this little trio of cushions by Beth at diffractionfiber into the space somehow:

When all else fails, these 3 x keys together (and a glass of chardy) can save the day. Wish that I could press these metaphoric buttons during "the witching hour" at home somedays in an effort to re-set the chaos!! S x

1 comment:

  1. yay! so glad to have found the blog - i was searching like a crazy woman! - love this pillows, and the chardy AND the reference to the 'witching hour' - exactly what all my friends call it. classic! x