Friday, March 26, 2010

Covetting Cotton

Well, more specifically: Linen.

I love linen - I love wearing it and I love feeling it and I love looking at it and I WOULD LOVE to deck out my bedroom in it. Something about the Fabulous, Rustic, Frenchines aesthetic that linen evokes, gets me everytime.

I recently stumbled across these gorgeous linen quilt covers made by hand by the clever Tricia Rose at Rough Linen...and haven't been able to stop thinking about them!

Check out Tricia's sewing deck....I mean really???!

I'll need to start the "bedroom-makeover-savings-fund" as the king size will set me back over four hundred big ones.
Can I justify it? You bet!


  1. Seriously?? A sewing deck?? Heaven help me, that would be amazing! The linen thing thing can become such an addiction hey? Love the covers.

  2. I know - insane! Actually bought a little linen purse today - not quite the same league, but got my 'fix'...

  3. so happy to have found your blog... and just in the nick of time... if you want linen sheets... buy matteo. i have tried them all and theirs are AMAZING... i also sell them in my store. if interested, let me know... you will love them forever. also cotton... they are like whipped cream!

    have a wonderful weekend xx