Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pour Homme

I have recently been asked to source some (<$50.00) gift suggestions  for a recipient of the male are some that I came up with that won't break the bank:
(these of course happen to be of the hand-made variety; but I am happy to source anything for you people!!)
Oh, and he is heavily into cars....

Vintage Scrabble Customised cufflinks - $36.00

Spark Plug Coat Rack - $40.00

Shout if you'd like the links to these....S x (I've added the links after lots of requests. I hope your boys enjoy these items!) S x


  1. Hey there, great blog. I've spent far too much time reading all your posts..must go to bed now! Keep up the great work.

  2. LOVE those cufflinks! I know a couple men who would think they are pretty sweet, too. Could you send along the link?


  3. Found my way over here from Brown Button ... so glad I did, your blog is gorgeous and I've duly taken note of these great ideas for men's gifts. That cube game in particular is just the thing for a design-savvy male I know. Thanks for the tip! Lee :)

  4. thanks for your lovely comments - very exciting to get some feedback. I've added the link to the scrabble cufflinks and the cube game as requested. ENJOY!
    S x

  5. What an awesome blog - I'm a follower now! :)

  6. wow I'd love the link to that tyre belt, my hubby would go craaaaaazy!