Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To Market, To Market....

Well the first Adelaide Mathilda's Market was held on Saturday and it was a hustling and bustling hive of activity. Some gorgeous hand-made delights were on sale and although I had a strict time limit (we were heading off on a 3hour drive that morning), I did manage to make a few purchases!

One of the fantastic items that I DIDN'T buy was the Kid Art File:

A simple but well executed solution for all the 'amazing' pieces of artwork that come home from creche/ kindy/ school etc on a VERY REGULAR basis!!   $35 each and you can order via the email address above. Well done to all the Mathildas Markets exhibitors. Let's hope the word is out and the July and November markets are even bigger.

There really is no need to shop anywhere else than a good market and the next exciting and stylish ones to be held in Adelaide are: Bowerbird Bazaar end of March and Magnolia Square in April.
S x

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  1. What DID you buy at the market??