Thursday, April 29, 2010

For the Record....

I love nothing more than putting on a Vinyl LP to listen to.  I think it's the subtle crackle of the needle going round. The novelty soon wears off however, when I have to turn the record over after 5 tracks!?

Here are a couple of creations putting the ol' Vinyl Record to a repurposed use...

As a wall clock, this one is by Sofa City Sweethearts for USD$20

And as a bowl. Victoria's Avaani crafted this from an old U2 Vinyl Record for AUD$29.95

Or as a pendant (of course!!?). Red Zebra Designs in QLD have cleverly upcycled the Vinyl Record into a pendant. This one is unisex and will only set you back AUD$15.
Pressie options for the "Muso" in your life perhaps?

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