Monday, April 12, 2010

If The Shoe Fits.....

Like any female....I have a thing for shoes.

I have to admit, when deciding to blog about all things 'craft', I really didn't consider footwear. But it seems the hand-made revolution did not stop at the ankles.

Now you could pay up to $180 at a lovely boutique on Edgecliff Road, Woollahra (guilty!) for something very similar to these made by hand in Miami by Tuto. For USD $50 these come in all sorts of colours, are all leather with a rubber sole:

For something a little more "Green"...these canvas shoes are 100% Vegan! Salvaged cork and organic bamboo...these really cut the mustard if you don't believe in the leather or fur thing.USD $125 by Smartfish:

For an extra special occasion - your wedding day for example - how about these exquisite heels from Hetty Rose? Handmade in London, these Court Shoes use vintage kimono fabric on the bow and on the block heel. Custom made for AUD $720

And there is more vintage kimono fabric used on these wedges by Dames and Divas. You'll be able to try these on for size yourself if you are in Adelaide and heading to Magnolia Square in a couple of weeks! AUD $219.95.
Much nicer to wear conscience friendly soles that weren't mass produced in a sweat shop - don't you think?


  1. Adelaide? Really? They're awesome!

  2. Yes, the first ever Adelaide Magnolia Square Market is happening on the 22nd-24th April. CAN NOT WAIT to check it out!! S x