Monday, April 26, 2010

Too much of a good thing...

If you've just had a weekend (actually it's been close to a month) like I have, with lots of good times and socialising....then maybe a little reminder to get on the straight and narrow is in order.

Fancy this cushion greeting you on a Monday morning?
Felt Applique Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson - USD $89

Or you could confess your sins and then write up your detox goals in this repurposed journal:

 Vintage Healthy Living Book
USD $34
by Stories Divinations

And if all else fails, sit back and brew yourself a pot of this detox tea by Queensland's Natural Tease. 25g is about one month's supply and will set you back AUD $13 + postage.

Green Veggies and exercise a plenty this week.
I think I can feel a "Mellow May" coming on.
S x

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