Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Night Owl

I am certainly - without reservation - NOT a morning person. Having said that, unless it's a special, social occassion, I'm not really a night owl either these days.
However, my ongoing search for hand made delights usually takes place in the evenings - and when all is quiet on the home front I can easily get carried away.....

The regular ol' Owl (I think they are mostly  the "night / nocturnal" versions aren't they??) has been making appearances in all sorts of hand-made guises:

Decoylab Baby Owl Clock USD$50

Childrens Library Bag -AUD $25

Bamboo Ply Owl Brooch AUD $25

Linen Tunic with applique Owl -AUD $18

Stirling Silver Elf Owl Necklace -AUD $29

Owl play TeePee -AUD $130

Little Owl Gift Tag  - AUD $2.95

Soft sculpture fabric art - Owl without his pussycat by Upcycled Threads: USD$38

Upcycled Owl Cushion by Salvaged Threads - USD$30

And even an Owl Bag - USD$39

What a hoot!
 S x

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