Monday, May 31, 2010

Stopping all Stations....

I've just spent some time trawling through an Antique Centre in Brisbane with dear friends, and I saw one of the old 'original' bus roll posters. The newer versions are selling in all the homewares stores and you can even personalise a tea towel with your choice of towns or suburbs.

My Sweet Prints (who are responsible for the Customised Eye Chart I posted about recently), have designed a refreshing take on the Bus Roll. Using the common bedtime routine for little-uns and made to fit in an IKEA Ribba Frame, this could put the groove factor into your child's bed or bathroom:

Made in Sydney town for AUD$22 + postage.
Which is your favourite stop??
S x


  1. Hi Stacey, thanks so much for featuring my Bedtime Bus Roll Poster and Eye Chart on your wonderful blog!
    Janette - My Sweet Prints

  2. You are most welcome Janette, I couldn't let such a wonderful, local talent go "un-posted"!! S x