Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dust off your doilies...

I have accumulated a number of Nanna's old doilies. These intricately crocheted surface protectors, are now being used by crafty folk in a number of decorative and repurposed ways:

Here is a Vintage Linen Coin Purse made by  Sewlola with a doily sewn on the front. It has the most divine lining, and is yours for USD$55.

Choose 2 (from a possible 5) of these acrylic animal ornaments for USD$16 by Iwannabe

Made in France by the husband and wife team at Lapomme, this naively embroided owl cushion incorporates a hand-dyed Doily. USD$45

And this lovely shabby chic fabric basket, is one of many styles by Helsinki based Tuuni. This one is selling for USD$25

While reading the awesome Whistling Duck blog, I came across this "Mega Doily". It is made by hand with no hook. A tactile floor rug using a serious labour of love. USD$600  by Ladies and Gentlemen. Probably not a bad hourly rate I'd suggest?

These are just a tiny taste of the means in which Doilies are being re-used and re-appreciated.
If you don't have a stash of doilies but are feeling inspired, you can pick them up for as little as 50c at your local charity store.


  1. Thanks for the lovely compliment, I'm loving your blog too.

  2. So pleased to be able to share the love with you. Your posts are so refreshing - keep 'em coming! Sx

  3. Stacey! I was so excited when i found you blog that i let out a little "Eeek!" I LOVE the acrylic bunnie and totally want one!

  4. nice to meet you! So happy the doily bunny tickled your fancy. hope they still sell them?? Off to visit little jack rabbits now.... Sx