Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beaut Bargains

After my indulgent holiday, it is time to tighten the belt. (In more ways than one...)

Fortunately there are tons of el cheapo items of the handmade variety out there - just waiting to be snapped up. (A girl needn't neglect her desire to shop - even while she's on a budget!!)

Created by Jess has a variety of stationary items for less than five bucks. Here are a couple of examples:

This sweet unlined notepad is AUD$3
And for AUD$2 you could cheer up a friend by sending this card:

Oopsidaisi have five luscious sounding, handmade lip balms to choose from for AUD$7 each. Imagine rubbing "lemon meringue" or "musk lolly" into your lips...

And even Australia's Candle Godess Queen B, can offer some of her goodness for under a tenner. A votive candle with a clear glass holder can be ordered online for AUD$8.95. I'm sure you don't need me to remind you of the benefits of burning (100% Australian) Bees Wax over Parafin....or do you?

Leaving you enough pennies for that mid-morning coffee treat. Yay!
S x

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