Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Play Time

I'm home again now and it's time to report back. My research whilst away uncovered Singapore as being famous for....wait for it.....Tiger Balm!!

I'm sure there are lots of ultra creative people in SIN, but my allocated time for perusing was superseeded by pampering and relaxing on Bin Tan at the Banyan Tree Resort. Deluxe! A thousand thank-yous to my host and cool cousin Andi for the getaway!

Printed in Singpore however is an awesome magazine called Habitus - for and about the design hunters. (Available in Aust in good bookshops). Whilst devouring the past 4 x editions, I came across the Amazing Shape Maker by Miller Goodman.

These award winning, hand printed, wooden blocks come in a pack of 25 blocks and combine to make a gazillion different creatures and pictures.  UK29.95

Here are just a few examples of the ways in which you can rearrange the blocks:

These guys are passionate about good design while encouraging open creative play for children and adults.

Play....it's the secret of perpetual youth.

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