Monday, August 30, 2010

Mini Break

Having just been away for the weekend (to a beach-house in winter...thank you Sydney), I realised that I could really do with a stylish overnight bag.

As it turned out the whole family shared a big (actually massive) generic black suitcase, and wore about 60% of what was packed. When. Will. I. Learn?

Using something especially made for the weekend escape would not only curtail the "overpacking", but it would add a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the process of unloading the car into a beautiful holiday house in the company of friends.

Here are a couple I'd be happy to downsize my packing for.......

This is my fave. It is all leather (even the spotty bits!) and made in Sydney by Frejj for $360

This one my daughter could use (her name is not Ava, but they'll customise it for me). It'll set you back only AUD $35 from parsik93
For those boating getaways - a girl can dream - this nautical striped number would be all that's needed for a bikini and some coconut oil. Can you still buy Coconut Oil?? Maybe we'll make that a bottle of fake tan. 
 AUD $52 from  SeasideCloth

This little number would almost be over-kill for my husband who needs no more than a pair of jocks and some hair product. It's all about priorities people!?

It's re-purposed and given a contemporary edge with a bit of orange embroidery by a clever chap named Jamie Davis. AUD $107

And my son???
He can share his Dad's bag. Let's not go overboard. These bags are supposed to free up space after all.
S x

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