Saturday, October 16, 2010

String Art....Reinvented

Cast your mind back 30 odd years (if you can), and try and recall a popular form of wall art. Start with a velvet covered back board and add some luminous string - in several hues!!

Can you do it?

Here's something to jog your memory ($2 on eBay):

We certainly had something similar adorning our walls in the family home. A cheap and cheerful craft back in the 70's, todays version by Tamara Mayes is still cheap and cheerful, but the velvet is replaced with white paint. And what a difference white paint makes!!

You can purchase the instructions to make a noughties version of String Art like the one above by visitng SOHI Magazine. $5, some nails, yarn, white paint and a board; and you're away.

A 70's fad worth a revival I think. Sure beats the waterbed, lava lamp and mood rings.

Go forth and string.
S x

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