Sunday, November 14, 2010

Twenty Eleven....

There is still something about writing appointments, plans and special dates in pen on paper, don't you think?
Despite all the gizmos and gadgets encouraging me to do otherwise, I still continue to use the paper diary.
If like me, you're still drawn to the "old fashioned " weekly schedule that you and others can see at a glance, then have a little looksy here:

You can order this calendar from 74LimeLane printed and ready to hang for AUD$22 or simply buy the version that you can print yourself for a mere AUD$2!!

Or pop this magnetic chalkboard organiser up for the whole family to use. It's made by Kaboodle for just over AUD$30

A couple of circular versions:

For AUD$17 by the Muststashstore

And by Caitlinkeegan for AUD$21

I am loving these tea towel versions. Good enough to frame, but might be a bit tricky to write on I'm guessing?? AUD$29 from Avril Loreti

If someone you know needs to get organised in 2011, stuff their stocking with one of these!

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