Monday, January 31, 2011

Tales of a Tee Pee

My son was lucky enough to receive a tee-pee for his 3rd birthday, and since it was hand-made, I had to share the joy!

Robyn is the clever Mummy who, through her business Banana J Creations makes not only Tee Pees, but all sorts of products to help stimulate the imagination.

Here are a selection of her colourful tee-pees (you can send her your own fabric and she'll make to order). They start from AUD$140, come in a durable fabric good for indoors or out, and what's more, they are way easy to set up.

 Here are my guys in the b'day Tee Pee!

Check out Robyn's website for other 'pretend play' creations (aprons, tutus, superhero capes, bat wings etc) and send your children off to the world of Make Believe for the day.
S x


  1. Hello.

    I know Robyn and her designs well. She's a very clever girl and her tee pees are adorable. I also love how you can send her your own fabric to have a custom tent made.

    I am your latest follower.


  2. Welcome Charlotta and thanks so much for your comment. Robyn's tee-pees are certainly very professional i bet she is an incredibly busy lady...especially with 3 kids of her own!