Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frock up in Feb!

I saw a girl wearing the strapless dress below by Lil Designs and immediately wanted one. Luckily for me she was working at the Lil Designs market stall in Manly and therefore selling them!

I have been covetting a similar style of dress of late, particularly the strapless variety, given the recent hot and sweaty weather we've been experiencing. Something that is simple yet elegant, in a lightweight fabric and a design that allows my blessed armpits to be free. We have recently moved into a house that is sans air conditioning, so home duties and 100% humidty do not a pretty picture paint.

I spoke to the designer Lil, and she designs all her own signature prints and has the fabrics made in Japan. The collection is handmade in Australia.

The Tamiko print is by far by fave and she has three different numbers you can purchase from her website in the Tamiko print if you can't get to Sydney's northern beaches. Here they are below at AUD$180, AUD $110 and AUD$150 respectively.

A week long heatwave that broke two seperate weather records. Don't tell me that doesn't justify a new frock!
S x

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