Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cost Effective Cushions

There is something about purchasing cushions and cushion covers that actually never takes place for me. The only ones I like are unique and and as a result generally rather exy. I find one I love and then have an internal mental debate with myself,  convinced that I could just make one and save the coin. Which never happens.

Well, that was before I discovered de dee etsy shop. Although Good Morning America is already all over this shop, it hasn't had an impact on the prices. Cute yet stylish, some of these cushions are quite intricate. They are sold with stuffing for under AUD$35. There is currently a 5+ week wait for deliveries....might be time to put the prices up??

If I was to put a nominal hourly rate on my time, I would have clocked up $150 while still using the scissors. The end product wouldn't be  nearly as polished as these cushions either - I assure you!
S x

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