Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Riding along on my push bike honey.....

I hadn't heard of bike polo. Is there really such a sport?

This leather polo mallet holder attaches to your bike while playing said sport, and it carries, eh, your mallets. As it turns out, it also doubles as a six pack holder when you pop two of them on your bike:

Handmade in Portland, Oregon by Walnut Studiolo you can purchase a set of two here in Australia via Third Drawer Down for $50 or via Walnut's etsy shop.

They also make a leather Can Cage - for the biking aficionado in your life. It has been said that a flat can of coke is the racing cyclist's "secret weapon" - as that quick jolt of sugar and caffeine is perfect to get them up the last few hills. I rather think that the can in this photo is not filled with cola though....
$70 from both Walnut Studiolo and Third Drawer Down :

Now that's what I call a deadly treadly.

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