Thursday, April 14, 2011

Royal Wedding

I believe there are some folk hosting a "Royal Wedding Party".
I am not one.
Nor have I been invited to one.
In fact, I think I'd be lucky to win the battle of the remote control that night as the footy will be on.

If however, you are off to a Royal Wedding Soiree, you'll need a little hostess gift. Should you wish to keep within the theme, and are a handy (read: fast) knitter; then order yourself this book from The Book Depository, and knit your host the whole royal family!! AUD $16.

Should you be the host, then party games are surely on the agenda?
These dress up dolly's and paper doll books also from The Book Depository could be just the ticket. Afterall, you WILL need something to help pass the time. Royal weddings historically tend to be rather drawn out affairs. From AUD $8.00, you can afford one for each guest!

An expected television audience of over 2billion!!?
It'll make for much happier viewing than tragic local & world events recently broadcast.
Enjoy the overkill.
S x

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