Thursday, May 5, 2011

Don't party without a Pinata

You may have seen the luxurious Tassle Garlands handmade in NYC by Confetti System featured in blogs and mags recently? Confetti System also handcraft pinatas - of the rather stylish variety:

The handmade pinatas come filled with handmade confetti but also have a hinged door to add your own treats and come in custom colours to suit your theme. USD $140 (which for the first time in a while is actually cheaper than in AUD$$)

Speaking of pinatas, I came across Smashcake today. Although only available in Eastern Sydney for now, these cakes pack a promise - especially when coupled with the chocolate hammer! All handmade, you opt for the filling you'd prefer and let the party people do the rest. From AUD$50:

 incomplete without the chocolate hammer - $4.95
 For those who don't like Christmas Pud. A chocolate version:
 And even mini smashcakes - $12

Microsoft (who else) created the world's largest Pinata as a promo for Viva Pinata - an XBox Game. Hardly hand made, but worth a mention don't you think?

Imagine the loot inside. You could fit a heap of XBox's in that...err...thing.
S x

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