Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wood is Good

Loving both these items; one for adorning my walls and one for adorning myself.

Using hand finished Australian hard wood, these "Wall Words" speak volumes. AUD$55 by Adorning AL.

Fiona Paxton's earings are handmade in India and despite my first impressions, are actually cut from leather (not plywood) and would therefore be much softer brushing against your neck!! Loving the gold stud detail. Completely on-trend and on special. Yay! AUD $84.00 via Honey Honey.
Accessorise. Your house and your bod.
S x


  1. love "hello beautiful" - and speaking of which.... Hello! Hope you are well and settled in Sydney town. xx

  2. hello to you too ms button! loving sydney town...brass monkey stuff today though! X