Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Cheer for Veneer

Not so long ago veneer was regarded as a plastic looking and very dated product, used essentially for cupboards and occasional furniture.

Well, like most things, veneer has come of age and is looking all grown up and rather stylish.

These beautiful lampshades - with handspun glazed pottery bases - are made using a maple veneer and finished with a grossgrain ribbon by Ronda Ruby Ceramics in Chicago. So warm and classy. USD$250 for the pair.


While we're on veneer, I recently aquired a nest of veneer tables from my Nanna and had the talented folk at Retro Modern update them with some laminate and some new age veneer! Here's a before & after:

What do you think??

I have another couple of veneer projects, one complete and one on the go. I'll be sure to report back to continue the veneer cheer!

1 comment:

  1. they look awesome, how many times have I passed up some veneer furntiure!?! Nice work, love the colour choices :)