Wednesday, July 27, 2011

She'll be Apples

Are these not the sweetest, most unique guest favours you've seen??

Made in France by Lapomme  this white plush set of 12 Inspiration Apples are perfect for either your wedding dinner table or to give away to guests at your next spring dinner party! Of the 12 apples, four will have leaves typewritten with the word "Love," four with "Peace," and another four with "Happinesss." 12 apples in a set  for AUD$168
Lapomme make a couple of variations on the theme....
These love pears are $130 for 3 x sets of 3 pears:

These grey apples are an 'on trend' version. Set of 9 for AUD$135

A wedding with such classy Bomboniere;  imagine the wine list??!
S x

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