Sunday, August 28, 2011

Change of Address

We are about to move again - yes that is the 6th house in 5 years - and hopefully the last time for a LONG while.
As a result of all that is required when buying, renting, moving, selling, packing and stressing i've been on a slight blogging hiatus. (being away for an awesome family ski holiday hasn't helped my blogging either, but I'll be blaming the move!)
I've seen a bit of stuff that I like online and a lot that I don't.
There is nothing like the prospect of a new pad to get the juices flowing again though, and here a few finds/ideas that I've bookmarked recently with the new abode and spaces in mind.....

I have been perusing all the usual places for some pendant lights. This brass version is a DIY project (probably something I won't have time for, but anyhoo) and is via Design Sponge

The Elegant Thrifter has posted about a novel use for those old water bottles that you will no longer be using when and if the weather ever warms up:

I am aiming to have a little outdoor-sunroom-area on a terrace in the sun off the new kitchen. I want it colourful, relaxed and a wee bit retro. I saw these macrame plant hangers and reckon they'll get a gig for sure. From AUD$9 by The Scarf Tree

And finally these Ikat print silk cushions will give my sofa a much needed update. They come from Uzbekistan (the home of Ikat) and have free shipping, 'ray! AUD$44 for 2 x cushions in a range of sizes. How good is that??! by Etsyikat

This is without a doubt the fun aspect of moving into a new home and provides a much needed distraction from the reality that is boxes, mess and unhelpful telcos.

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