Saturday, February 18, 2012


And now something for the whole family: Handcrafted Spanish Sandals. 

These guys just reek of sunshine, and anything summery is good by me. Especially given our daily Sydney thunderstorm is about to roll in. 

You can purchase these authentic (made in Menorca, Spain) "Avarca" sandals via Artisan Shoes
Ladies NZ$119, Children's NZ$65 and Mens (currently on sale) NZ$79.

Having been made for hundreds of years in Menorca, the Avarca was originally used as practical footwear for farmers. (Only in Europe!!). Nowadays, even the Spanish Royal Family are seen wearing Avarcas.

Timeless, Organic, Feel Good Summer Sandals.
All we need now is Summer.
S x

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  1. Fabulous, especially the colours - I want a pair of the kids ones!!! x