Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daily Grind

It goes without saying that coffee purists would be less than impressed with my "large-soy-flat-white-in-a-take-away-cup" order each morning at 10am, but I wonder how they would feel about a body scrub and moisturiser that utilises the sacred bean?

Some old school buddies have taken the love and addiction for coffee one step further by creating a coffee based range of products for our skin!

I received Cucina Cosmetica's twin pack Body Grind (scrub/polish) and the Espresso Repair (moisturiser) for Christmas - AUD$49.00 - and have to say they are delicious! My daily caffeine craving is alleviated as soon as I hop in the shower.

Using 100% genuine espresso coffee grind and other all natural ingredients (no sulphates, no parabens), this stuff is everything it promises and more.

I know some people are not into body products smelling like food, but it's the combination of coffee grind, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, sugar, olive oil and other natural goodies that make for such a luxurious aroma. These two tubes of goodness are highly addictive.

There are all sorts of benefits of coffee for the skin outlined on the Cucina Cosmetica website.

I for one, am a sucker for all things smelly (not the dirty sock or sweaty gym smelly) and I find it hard to resist giving my arms the odd sniff throughout the day, inhaling some of the coffee/cocoa combo.

Resistance is useless.
S x


  1. Oh that does sound interesting. I would love the smell!

  2. It really is delish. I'm about ready to order my next batch!