Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Way of the World

The world seems to be getting smaller.
As we communicate instantly with the other side of the globe, those once exotic places now seem familiar and almost local.
Until you jump on the plane. It's then you remember just how isolated our patch really is.
There are lots of world map, globes &  directory themed treasures getting around in the handmade stakes. Here are a few I've bookmarked to share:

This organic cotton cushion cover would make a great gift or souvenir. AUD$55 from My Bearded Pigeon. Many destinations available.

Take this handbag on your next world tour. AUD$56 from Renkil Tasarimiar

As if this lampshade won't have you daydreaming of far flung people and places. AUD$66 it's made in the UK by  Naturally Heartfelt.

Prior to Facebook and Pinterest, people actually kept travel journals and collected ticket stubs from train rides. Novel, I know. This here is a beauty. AUD$44 from Useful Books.

Flomade Curiosities has transformed the humble matchbook into vintage city scapes. Using a 1950's map, and cutting the matches to resemble the skyline of each city, these unique "scapes" are only AUD$10.

Get out your passport. The world is waiting.

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