Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mamma Mia

In the past I've been known to buy and wrap my own Mother's Day pressies, and although I've considered the subtle trick of leaving tear sheets from magazines lying around with post-it notes declaring the ever tactful "I'd love my husband to purchase this on behalf of my children for Mothers Day"; this year I'm going one further....

Here is my short & sweet wish list, documented and dutifully linked and put out there for all to see and then enquire about later. No pressure MD!

I so want this Hand Made Tasmanian Oak flower mat to pop on my dining table. It's from Bonnie & Neil and will require $85 from the kid's money boxes. Hmmm, could be a tall tall order.

Alternatively, but for no less pocket money (here's where  you come in MD), this facial serum by Jacqueline Evans might assist in the Yummy Mummy stakes. It's $52 and promises to lift, tone, repair & regenerate. There are a few areas other than the face I could think of using it on....
Jacqueline Evans uses only natural ingredients and she reminds us that our skin is the body's largest organ. What you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN it.

Of course, a lie-in and some big cuddles would also be well received. This year I'll get extra cuddles as my nephew will be staying with us, and he's big enough to operate a toaster, so things are looking up on the breakfast in bed front.

Having said that,  I do like unwrapping things.....

Happy Mothers Day to all my superstar comrades.
S x

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