Saturday, June 16, 2012

Practical Peg Pannier

Something as practical and non-descript as a peg basket isn't something one would usually associate with hand made goodness are they?

Having myself searched for a peg basket recently, I was completely uninspired by the offerings.

There were of course the oil cloth versions, but they are not really my style and tend to not withstand the test of time in the elements.

Then I stumbled onto these long handled peg baskets hand-made in Melbourne by Bec Jarvis using awning material. Brilliant!

The long handle ensures you don't have to keep reaching up to grab a peg as it hooks over the line and sits at shoulder height. The UV resistant material and galvanised handle will keep the peg basket looking tip top in rain, hail or shine.

At AUD$17 + postage and in a multitude of colour options, these would make the ideal housewarming gift.

Useful yes, utilitarian yes, but particularly un-romantic.
Be warned.

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