Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birds of a feather...

Some people are just not animal people. Just the thought of a fury creature inhabiting their shared space sends shivers and provokes sneezing.

I doubt however, that many people can resist bird call. Singers of the highest order, native birdies frequenting your outside space is nature at it's best. We have "Big Red" (An Australian King Parrot), and his friends the Red Collared Lorikeets who visit at the same time each day looking for some discarded bread. We willingly oblige.

Should you wish to provide a handy and somewhat novel escape for your feathered friends, these birdhouses and feeders will give them something to crow about.

Vintage Camper Birdhouses from Jumahl in the States for US$60.

Perhaps your outdoor area would benefit from something a little more contemporary? These 'outdoor sculpture' bird houses hand made by Joe Papendick are a stylish option. From the US, these modern hanging bird feeders start at US$78.

Strictly for the birds.
S x

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