Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Interior Architect by day, Adelaide's Kate Beerworth is the dexterous, creative force behind the KTB jewellery range by night.

By mixing different polymer clays by hand to create her preferred hues, Kate offers one-of-a-kind pieces, currently consisting of Necklaces AUD $45 and Earrings AUD $17.

KTB jewellery is the by-product of a self confessed colour-holic. Kate's love for colour and for experimenting with unexpected colour combinations is what continues to fuel her creativity at the end of a working day in interiors.

While totally on trend with the current colour blocking, I'm hoping that maybe the spring/summer range might feature a bit of "fluro" - my own current obsession. What do you think Kate, or is it totally time I got over fluro??

The KTB jewellery range is available online via her Facebook page here or at Best Wishes in Burnside Village.

Kate sums it up best herself:

To mix and invent "colour is fun, it makes me happy, and makes me smile."

You can't ask for more motivation than that to kickstart a new venture.
S x

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  1. Kate says she is definitely considering some fluro for summer. yay! S x