Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Book Week Parade - Handmade at Home

It's no secret that I love and appreciate the vast array of handmade goodness out there. The quality on offer is extraordinary. When it comes to creating items myself  however, I can admit to having two left thumbs.

Which is why I was chuffed with a recent Book Parade costume effort for my daughter whose class read "A bus called Heaven", by author Bob Graham. This book recently won the 67th annual Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year award.

From the suggested list of costume ideas, we went with a bus (called Heaven!):

So I'd been busy patting myself on the back for a what I believed was a stirling effort, when it seemed that bigger is better at these events. 

While that red bus in the confines of our lounge room was impressive, on the grand stage that is the school sports courts, this ex-paintbrush box from the local hardware shop was dwarfed.

Have a look at the other glorious home made buses doing the rounds today:

Once upon a time I used to think, who a) has the time for this malarky and b) could be bothered?

But making just the smallest of efforts is all that's required. By the turn-out there today of family members to watch the parade, the effort didn't end with the costume.

S x

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  1. Gorgeous! i think your bus was just the right size! My dad retired last year from being a primary school principal. His outfits for book week always made me laugh! Hope you are well lovely lady x