Friday, February 22, 2013

Cards Worth Keeping

Do you have a presents drawer or a gift box? Have you a handy place where you keep cards for all occasions? So do I.

If you pride yourself on having such orderliness, you too would be shocked and annoyed to hear that I could find nothing suitable in the card box for a friend's birthday last Sunday (Happy Birthday Marny!).

So in the words of Faux Fuchsia, I "actioned some" card buying rather urgently. Not of the Hallmark variety of course, it was handmade all the way.

Never one to bypass the opportunity to purchase something fluro, these cards by Bashore Designs found their way into my cart in the blink of an eye. All 5 cards for AUD$14 +postage.

Buying in bulk saves cash and saves you time in the long run. This delightfully unisex pack of 8 x hand-stitched cards by Ferrever, will see me through at least the first month of class parties!? AUD$16 + postage.

Able & Game in Melbourne are renowned for their humorous take on the greeting card. This pack of 6 gift cards with envelope illustrates their more serious side. No less clever though. AUD$18.

I'm about to put in another order for these little cards from MooseArt, having already used the lot from my first order. At only AUD$8.50 for a pack of six, I might just order a couple dozen.

And sometimes, when you don't need a whopping great hunk of cardboard, a nifty little gift tag is your answer. Large enough to get the message across, small enough to ease mind re: your carbon footprint. I do love a card, but I do wonder, does anyone really keep their cards?

A gift tag for every occasion, District Dogs Designs have this pack of 6 for AUD$6 +postage. They do some awesome cards of the standard size too...

In the post, on your birthday - there is nothing sweeter than receiving a handwritten card. And a hand-made one? Even better.


  1. Hey Stacey,

    Thanks for the ideas.

    Very cool, keep up the great work I really enjoy your blog.


  2. Thanks for featuring my cards! What a great collection of stationery you found!