Friday, May 10, 2013

Passport to the World

This little ol' blog is not big in the comments department. In fact, most of the dialogue is that of my own. Having said that, I received not one, but two comments the other week which was both heartening and motivating.

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It's a tricky thing committing to something for so long - and as a Gemini, I know this only too well. Having started blogging on the find...found...forage blog in Dec 2009, it's damn near a record for me. I think the longest job I ever held down was for 2 x years.

So here I am again - newly encouraged -  with my latest in hand-made goodness:  Passport Covers.

We jet off in less than 4 x weeks to Bali's warmer climes. Having ordered passports for the little people, I just had to find some unique covers in which to house them. The standard issue Blue with Aussie emblem just didn't cut it.

There are a ton of handmade versions out there. Who knew? Well, I had my suspicions.

Here are a few that caught my eye.

I think these gorgeous leather ones are my faves. By Bambina of New York, they are customised for AUD$23.

Never one to shy away from Chevron, the Blue Bobbin makes these cotton travel wallets for near on AUD$20.

Anneeta in New Zealand makes these fabric 2 x passport covers featuring all manner of world travel stamps. Great for couples travelling together or a parent and a child as each hold cover holds 2 x passports. She also does a 4 x passport holder. AUD$25.

A vinyl passport cover using reversible fabric inserts is made by Sew Cosmic for AUD$8. Many fabrics to choose from.

From Bambina again, these passport covers are made from soft lambs leather and have a scalloped edge and vintage jet on the front. They come in a huge range of colours. AUD$23. 

Z Zetta have a special on. 3 x passport covers with original painting on leather base for AUD$75. Love a sale.

In the end, I settled for these personalised and cheaper versions from Paper Shay. All four cost me AUD $28.50 incl postage. Saving more money to spend on holiday!

Happy Travels.
S x

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