Monday, February 10, 2014

Indie Interiors...

Admired in the Camilla store while at Bondi last Sunday, were these hand-crafted lamp shades.
 So simple. So effective.
Some pom-pom trim, some fabric paints and you could knock these up yourself in no time:

I do love a bit of mixed media, so I'm thinking of having a play with a cheap canvas, some linen off-cuts, some (fluro) paints, some ric-rac, tassels and pom pom trim.
A masterpiece in the making, surely?

In Adelaide yesterday, a bit more fluro / canvas goodness caught my eye. These clutches are made by Tiff Manuell, the smallest starting from AUD$79. A hand-painted canvas is used to make the clutch and is then cleverly covered with a clear PVC & Velcro closure. Red wine will wipe straight off!

Tiff also makes cuffs and some knock-out statement necklaces using a similar method. Equally as unique and as bright and cheery, they are going on my wish list pronto!

Let's call it a colour comeback.

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