Saturday, April 12, 2014

Anzac Traditions

History is a wonderful thing. Likewise tradition.

My husband and I were reminiscing about having oranges cut into quarters for us, as a half time re-fuel at our winter sports when we were young. We were chuffed to discover that this tradition has stood the test of time - and I am actually on "orange duty" this w/end for our little boy's rugby game.

Next Friday in Australia we celebrate and remember our ANZACs. While the dawn service is a tradition in which many of us participate, so to is a BBQ to watch the footy and a game of Two Up.

Two-Up is a gambling game played extensively throughout WW1 by the soldiers and is a regular fixture at pubs and clubs throughout Australia on ANZAC Day in part as a show of solidarity with our diggers and part because it's tradition. And it's fun!

Pennies are considered the perfect weight and size for the game, they are stable on the "kip" and spin nicely through the air. Players gamble on how the coins will land.

If you fancy playing some Two Up yourselves this ANZAC Day, you may like to purchase a Two Up Kip and Coins from my online shop.

My clever Dad has been making these for years:

Complete with Aussie Pennies (pre-decimal currency = pre 1966), jump over to the find...found...forage shop and pick yourself up some ANZAC Day fun for $20 incl postage.

Lest we forget.

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