Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The kids are growing up and we have another birthday just around the corner.

To make way for the celebratory loot, I am deliberating about which toys it's time we parted with.  Of course as soon as something is earmarked and put aside, it suddenly becomes the toy de jour and I so cease making any progress at all.

We seem to have a plethora of plastic animal figurines. While they don't take up much space per se, my children have trouble remembering what they have to play with unless it is all out on show. And by on show, I mean scattered haphazardly throughout the home.

I had pinned onto my DIY board on Pinterest, these up-cycled jars using spray painted toy animals, and when I searched further, it seems there is no end in sight for these little guys. They've been re-purposed into so many carnations that they will live to see many more days.

It's amazing what a can of paint and some glue can achieve....

and some succulents

or a hand saw

You can saw them in half, paint & then glue on a magnet:

 or use them as a gift box:

as jewellery;

as candle holders;

or festive decorations. Just add twigs, paint and a red nose:

Add some glamour to your interiors

or dress up a drawer;

Do you keep a stash of jars? I have a cupboard devoted to them. Not for much longer!

I'd best be parting with some other pieces of fantastic plastic. These babies have still got work to do.
S x

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