Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day - A Crafter's Christmas

Mother's of small children will no doubt have received some hand-made delights of the naive & sentimental variety over the weekend. As a purveyor of all things hand made & repurposed, Mother's Day ticks a lot of boxes.

My loot comprised of:

1) a beautifully wrapped, hand painted and hand glittered votive with candle:

2) A charming tea-pot card complete with tea bag:

3) A handmade, laminated bookmark:

...which was really handy, as I also received

4) about 6 x month's worth of reading materials (having put a Facebook call-out only recently for recommendations):

And there was one other little parcel to unwrap - it was

5) This t-shirt from Seed

...which I wore while eating a scrumptious breakfast outside in the glorious sunshine (better than breakfast in bed any day!). It was handmade by my husband:

I was lucky enough to have my Mum & Dad visiting for the weekend. On Mother's Day even my Mum got in on the hand-made act and spent a good hour or so making a fluro-orange, woollen pom pom to add to my outdoor "chandelier":

We squeezed in a walk to the Marina with our four legged friend, a family game of Rummikub complete with oysters and Bellinis and since we kickstarted Mother's Day with a little aperitif (i.e. a glass or two of bubbles Saturday evening at The Opera Bar);

We decided to round out Mother's Day with more of the same excesses, and yet another tasty husband made meal:

Roast Pork Rack with Extra Crackling. And Red Wine. Hooray!

I then finished the night snuggled on the sofa with my two little people and a pre-recorded (no adverts!) episode of The Voice. I mean seriously; does it get much better than that?

I give this Mother's Day 12/10.

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