Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Life in Old Vessels

Having long been inspired by the deft touch of the stylists and florists at The Grounds of Alexandria and The Boathouse in both Balmoral and Palm Beach, I finally decided to get some dirt under my own finger nails.

I just love the way they display greenery within recycled finds. It's a warm, welcoming look that is both vintage and contemporary.

So I began foraging within my own cupboards for vessels of various shapes, in various sizes and in various materials. I took cuttings from gardens and paid a little visit to Bunnings for succulents and other hardy plants. They needed to be hardy. I'm taking no chances.

And here is the result. Very little actual blooms, but not a bad start. And nice to get some of these vessels out on display and put to use.

A little dirt never hurt.

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