Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pocket Pillows

Last weekend I enjoyed our Annual Boarders Weekend with the girls, and while there was plenty of champagne, catch ups, food, shopping, deep & meaningfuls and did I say champagne (?), we also managed to get our Craft On.

Yep. That's right. We dragged the gals off for a secret activity of some old fashion crafting to blow off the cobwebs from the night before.

The ladies at Makers Loft have relocated to Cammeray; and while they are still in the middle of their refurb - deluxe coffee station and cafe about to be opened within the space - nine of us managed to take over the studio and create ourselves (or rather the little people in our lives) a little keepsake and memento from the weekend.

Pocket Pillows will be perfect for the tooth fairy to deposit her coins, or for secret notes to be stashed. Fashioned out of off-cuts from old clothing, the recycled effect was cute beyond words.

Foxes, Owl, Cats and even a monkey were the end products of just 2 x hours of labour. We did drink coffee and we did chat, but mostly, we had to actually concentrate to pull these off in the time frame!

Despite a few initial groans, the group retreated to a bit of schoolyard girly competition, and knocked these out in no time. 
Satisfying too, taking home a little souvenir crafted by our own hands. Some of the recipients however are still rather doubtful as to who actually made them. 
Women of many talents us Mums.


  1. Love it Stacey! Great write up xxxx Teeny

    1. Admittedly, mine is not 100% finished and I fear may never be. Might need to book in stitch and bitch sesh to complete it. Sx

  2. clever cookies!!! and after a reunion (read boozy night with old friends) - I love it! xx