Thursday, September 11, 2014

Coveting Copper

Copper is so on trend and so on my radar right now.

I'm talking the shiny, rose gold copper, not the old plumber's pipe type copper.

It's being used all over The Block interiors, and I've been Pinning Copper touches like crazy.

We are about to embark on a renovation. Is the copper trend here to stay? Will it date? Do we invest in a copper tap or go it safe with one of these non-permanent nods to the current copper craze:

A mug for the toothbrushes? This one is from Moscow Mule and is AUD$20

I've been eyeing off this stunning, hand-formed Tom Dixon Champagne bucket for years....sigh.... From the Owl are selling them for AUD$348

In the meantime, I'll settle for one of his copper candles - AUD$154

Crafted in Japan, this beautiful copper clock is available at Nasty Gal for AUD$203. I'd be happy for this little beauty to wake me each day...

Or perhaps I'll simply adorn myself with one of these beauties, Copper being the new black and all. Made in the Ukraine by Wirefoxjewellrey they are currently on SALE for AUD$21.

Here's my predicament.  I'm sure copper tap-ware is completely impractical (which is probably part of the appeal) and AUD$400+ is quite a lot of coin for a tap, isn't it?? These two styles below are from Astra Walker who are family owned and make their products here in Australia.

Join me in the droolfest...

On other embarkations, I'm attempting to grow my hair. Apart from a dabble in shoulder length locks about 7 years ago, it's always been short. 

Which will drive me the most crazy? The renno or the hair? Both should take about the same time to eventuate. I'll be sure to report in. 

First world problems.

On the anniversary of 9/11 and with all the other tragedies getting around, let's keep it light and concentrate on the fun stuff eh?

S x

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