Friday, May 15, 2015

Home and Hair

As mentioned, the past 8 months have seen me embarking on two things of note:

1) a home renovation

2) and growing my hair

Here is a before photo of both. As both projects were to be of similar duration; I was wondering which I would tire of most quickly...

We are 8 months down on the house with about a month to go, and I think 9 months might just mark the end of the hair growing efforts also....

Here's where we are at:

One more month and I should be able to get my hair in a ponytail and should be able to empty our storage unit and move in entirely to the updated abode. 

And then crack the champagne.

Although I am ready for them both to be over, neither has sent me entirely mental (yet!).

Having worked side by side for almost 5 months before he told me, one of my very talented builders Nik, has a sideline business with his wife called Top Knot Designs. They make these beautiful shelves and shadow boxes using materials such as Natural Marine Ply and Australian Western Red Cedar.  I'm currently deliberating on just which one/s to order for our 'new' home (when really I should be researching driveways...yawn!).

photos courtesy of Top Knot Designs

I can't believe he kept this info from me for so long?!!

Check these beauties out and follow TopKnot Designs on Instagram or Facebook to see the full range. Prices start from AUD$50 + postage.

As for the hair and the house, I will report back in 30 days...

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