Thursday, June 18, 2015

Purchasing Power...

There have been a whole load of handmade treats to tempt me while styling the updated pad.

Some I've succumbed to, and others are still firmly on my wish list.

Here's a few that have made the cut:

This print by Oh Eight Oh Nine is providing some luxe in the laundry. A3 size is AUS $20.

This lovely marble look handmade cotton pouch by Behr & Co spectacularly sets off greenery of any sort. From AUS$13.95

This sweet little handpainted wooden feather garland combines my two loves: glitter and fluro! By The Great Lakes Goods. Their motto is "handmade goods with good vibes" - that's a mission statement easy to adhere to!! US$18


The kid's playroom has a pinkish theme going on, so one of my find...found...forage macrame hangers is doing it's thing in there. AUD$$45:

And in DIY news, I took some humble HB Lead Pencils (it's amazing how many of these I found lying around the house!) and covered them with some Japanese Paper to improve their look and use as party bag fillers.  Click here for a tutorial to do something similar yourselves.

Support the independents and embrace the charm.

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