Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Birthday Bonanza

After all these years singing the praises of giving and receiving a hand made gift, it seems my nearest and dearest jumped on board for my recent Birthday.

Hand made, irresistible treasures in the form of earrings, pyjamas, and homewares were gifted to me. So how could I not share them with you?

I love Pyjamas. I wear a long pair every night of every week of every year, with either a tank or long sleeve top depending on the season. I can't sleep in anything else.

So imagine my delight to receive a beautifully gift wrapped pair of organic and fair trade PJ Bottoms from The Goodnight Society via my Super Couz Andi?

A local company - Brisbane based - The Goodnight Society not only produce funky PJ's for men and women, they have partnered with The Heartfelt Project to provide employment opportunities for women in South Africa. Sweet little felt & heart magnets made by women through The Heartfelt Project are included in each order which in turn provides jobs and a brighter future for these women of  Makapanstad, South Africa.

Prices for long pjs start from AUD$34.95.

If you haven't seen the totally on trend, lightweight clay pots handcrafted by Design Twins then you've been living under a rock. They are everywhere. On every blog, in every mag and are popping up in my Instagram feed on a very regular basis! 

Having coveted their pots and their concrete cups, I was waiting for our renno to finish before making the big purchase. No need to wait though as I'll be receiving my very own pot soon as a b'day gift thanks to my Mum! All pots are made to order, I can't wait for it to arrive. I know exactly where it's going to go!  Starting at AUD$140 for the small, there are too many styles and colours to mention. Here are a few of my favourite:

Colourful earrings from this wee piggy are fun for all ages. Made with love in South Australia, these small studs start at AUD$10 and were given to me from our country cousins along with a delightful  fluro dipped dish.  Score!

All in all a rather successful wrap to another successful year. A special thank you to my friends and family for all the birthday loot. Love it! 


  1. Oh yay!!! So happy you love our PJs....and thanks to Andi for being such a great gifter!! x

    1. Love a unique pair of pjs! Keep up the great work! x