Wednesday, 1 March 2017

I'm back....

It may well be a record...and not a good one:

It's exactly a year to the day since my last blog post....

I sold my soul to a retail job about 18months ago and the weeks (and most depressingly, the weekends) were no longer my own. I had some fun, met some nice people, spent more than I earned with my "staff discount" and basically reaffirmed my future as business owner and not employee.

Having reclaimed said soul (ie: I resigned!) I have enrolled in a 3 month hustle course to fine tune my vision, and reboot my business. So having broadcast this, you can keep me accountable and watch the re-birth of find...found...forage.

Are you on the Danielle LaPorte Bandwagon? She is in the country right now! Anyway, she hit the nail on the head for me with one of her #truthbombs:

So, please continue to follow me on the various platforms as I carry on sharing my favourite finds with you all and embark on a new chapter business wise.
Sh*t's about to get real.

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